UNKNOWN is the re-imagining of the Secession Hall – the icon of Vienna’s Secession movement. The Secession is a break from tradition – an integration of arts and crafts. This secession is the break from traditional digital explorations – a break from clean and sterile surfaces, perfections afforded to us by our tools – and integrate a more primal craft – butchery.

UNKNOWN treats the mass like meat.

Butchery involves surgical cuts which not only form the shapes and sufaces, but reveal unexpected interior situations beneath a unified exterior.

There is also a break from the palette. Ornamentation is not gold leaf, but real leaves. The inspiration is not Klimt’s supple female forms, but his Typheous, the beast and giant captor of gods (depicted in his last panel of the Beethoven Frieze: Hostile Forces in the Secesssion Hall).

This is the continuation of the UNKNOWN/MIDTERM project. The final video presentation for the UNKNOWN project has been reformatted from the three screen layout of the final critique.

Architecture / Animation
Digital Animation
Hernan Diaz-Alonso Advanced Studio




Dionysus Cho
Dionysus Cho