ACCELERATOR is an animated visual exploration into the explosive search for invisible dark matter – elusive ghosts of the genesis of our universe.

ACCELERATOR is a final farewell to the Yale’s own particle accelerator at Wright Laboratory, once tucked into Science Hill. Although it is now in the final stages of deconstruction, its historic significance in advancing physics research continues as Yale researchers and their studies spreads worldwide.

A part of the Lux: Ideas Through Light 2015 projection art show, presented April 10-12, 2015 at Yale’s Beinecke Library; an interdisciplinary showcase between Yale’s artistic designers and the striking research that has captured the fascination of these artists.

Projection / Animation
Researcher: Karsten Heeger
Music: Gideon Brishy
Lux: Ideas Through Light
Beinecke Library, New Haven



Dionysus Cho
Dionysus Cho