Defining Perkins&Will

Filming and production of 3 short videos for highlighting the People, Projects, and Process of Perkins&Will‘s Vancouver Architecture studios.


Three short videos defining Perkins&Will Vancouver.

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  • Tools

    DSLR, Adobe Premiere, Adobe After Effects

Video 01

The People.

Uncovering the people behind our projects, this video portrays the pulse of our office offering a peek into where the magic happens.

For this video, I wanted to show creative force housed in the Vancouver studio. An assemblage of unique faces, skills, and backgrounds – coming together in this amazing office space to generate stunning projects across the world.


I gathered my coworkers to film sequences – walking across the front of our building, close-ups of their eyes, snippets of their desk spaces – as well as time lapses in our main studio spaces.

Video 02

The Projects.

Capturing a ‘day in the life’ of a selection of our notable projects, this video offers a unique interpretation revealing a glimpse of their use in the course of everyday life.

This video was an architectural treat – I took a list of our built projects and spent time traveling across Vancouver visiting them. From botanical gardens, SkyTrain stations, residential towers, university campus buildings, to skywalks, I traced some of Perkins&Will’s vibrant projects.


The video opens with a rapid fire of aerial photos (Google Earth) of Perkins&Will projects from around the world. For most of the following shots, I chose to use time lapses to best show the flow of people through space. I also rode the SkyTrain back and forth at the head of the train to get clips of entering our stations.

Video 03

The Process.

Snapshot of the tools we use to create, make, and design great projects.

For this video, I wanted to highlight the process of design – the techniques and technologies that goes into crafting architectural projects. I sat down with some coworkers and captured their individual workflows – pen and paper, stylus and tablet, 3D modeling and simulations, and manual and rapid prototyping. All the work that goes into innovating.

The shots were a mix of new footage from around the office, digital renders and captures, and existing construction footage. Projects in the ideation phase, in the process of being built, or testing of fabrication techniques.