SLIP reimagines the conventional living room couch seating arrangement for the modern city dweller – making room for our pet companions.  Accommodating for the lifestyle of the pet lover, SLIP is a furniture piece that provides for both.   

SLIP peels apart an elegantly flowing seating surface to create a comfortable pet niche.  A soft felt layer follows the smooth curves of the seat on the left end, transitioning into a hammock-like tensile fabric structure on the opposing end.  SLIP provides a perfect private space for the tired puppy to sneak a nap or the affectionate cat in need of some alone time.

By splitting a single surface, two resultant surfaces create a division that allows for people and their pets to occupy SLIP at different levels.  Utilizing the residual space taken up by the base of the typical furniture form, two different environments housed in a single piece is a gesture appreciated by the space conscious millennial.

Constructed with the bare minimum of formal articulations, two powder-coated black steel frames holds up a flowing and ergonomically tuned steel structural form as if floating.  Wrapped seamlessly in a thin memory foam cushioning and upholstered in a likewise seamless fabric, comfort is not sacrificed for form. Below, the formed felt wrap creates a warm and soft cushioned bed, providing the give required for the selective cat to find its perfect sleeping posture.  Crafted as a removable piece, the pet layer can be detached quickly for easy cleaning or replacement.

SLIP is a single beautiful piece with an embedded duality – a distinct appreciation for our beloved pets.

Competition entry received an Honorable Mention in the VMODERN Furniture Design Competition 2016!

Furniture (Concept)
VMODERN Furniture Design Competition
with Hyeun Lee


Dionysus Cho
Dionysus Cho