Having foregone expedited shipping, it’s been more than a month waiting for parts. The PCB and electronic parts (Arduino Feather, diodes, etc.) have arrived – and subsequently soldered, programmed, flashed, and tested. The keyswitches and hotswap sockets are on its way.

cATTACK! – PCB design and graphics
cATTACK! – PCB initial design

In the meantime, I have been 3D printing prototypes for the case and keys, and testing out form and color in some quick renders. I’m don’t think this will be the final design (it is a little boring), but I wanted to pump out a print to test clearances.

I gave the case a subtle color palette – marble on gold. I’ve been wanting to try marble PLA filament, a speckled plastic approximating grey stone with black flecks. It’s hard to tell the aesthetic quality from the few reviews online, so I will have to pick up a roll and do some test prints.

From ALL3DP‘s Amolen Marble Filament review

The plate will probably be 3D printed in silk gold filament, offsetting the subtle marble with a hint of color. I could also try a brass plate, but at the moment, I am hoping to have everything printed.

From here, I will be working on the design of the case further. I’m thinking of giving it some texture – something fitting of the stone material. I’ll have to see how the marble filament looks in real prints.

Dionysus Cho
Dionysus Cho