GLYTCH for the new headquarters for CASIS and the ISS is one that embraces the space in the space station and appropriates the aesthetic of space and robotics, the heart of NASA’s space program.

Working from the concept of the glitch, the building reflects the idea of a disfigured digital perfect.  An intricate weaving of panels and floorplates creates a hard aggregation of shards, but a pattern of under and overlapping forms emerges and reveals an underlying symmetry.  This symmetry is slowly broken by the plan, which, like the asymmetry of the human body, must shift and stress to accommodate its underlying parts.

Referencing space-mech hard paneled structures with the inconsistent slippages of glitched images, GLYTCH brings back the Space Age with a design that doesn’t ground itself with Earthly precedent, but truly aspires to bring Space to Earth.

Architecture (Concept)
New York, NY



Concept Evolution


Dionysus Cho
Dionysus Cho

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