December 12, 2020

2D_3D Reconstruction

Our goal for this project is to capture a series of images and process them to form a point cloud – a 3D representation of the...

  • Strategy

    Computer Vision

  • Client

    Academic - UofT

  • Tools

    Python, numpy, openCV, SIFT, Google Colab

  • Team

    Dionysus Cho, Raag Kashyap

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December 10, 2019

Scotiabank MVP

This project was a part of a special section of the CSC209 System Design course as part of the Technology Leadership Initiative (TLI) cohort at the...

  • Design

    Software Design, React Dev, UX strategy

  • Client

    Academic - UofT

  • Tools

    Figma, React.JS, Javascript & CSS, Postgresql, Heroku

  • Frontend

    Dionysus Cho, Dakota McInnis

  • Backend

    Windsor Huang, William Gereck, Patrick Vuscan

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